Game of thrones promo board

Game Of Thrones Music Tour Is Happening!

So we’re here to report on the most exciting news to ever come out – a music tour of Game of Thrones is about to embark on a tour of the US, promising to bring the Seven Kingdoms to audiences everywhere. Could there be anything better than that? The 28-day tour of North America will feature […]

Baby floating in water

Top Swimming Trunks Of The Season

If you have been glued to the 2016 Olympics since the games kicked off last Friday (August 5th), you would have probably seen some of the impressive swimming and diving competitions. As Brits Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow took home the bronze medal in the men’s synchronized ten-metre platform earlier in the week, many viewers […]

Christ redeemer overlooking Rio

Danger At The Olympics! The Worst Accidents So Far

There’s been a lot of talk about health and safety at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio thus far (apparently, if athletes drink just three teaspoons of water at certain venues, they’re almost sure to come down with a virus that could cause respiratory or stomach illnesses!). And it certainly seems as if there’s something […]

Male boat shoes

What To Put On Your Feet

For many guys it’s the last thing they think about, but your choice of footwear can leave you looking foolish when it counts. To help with that, here’s our guide to what summer shoes to wear and what not to wear under any circumstances. Trainers Monochrome is key for this year’s trainer style, unless you’re […]

Male fashion and autumn leaves

Autumn Fashion Faux-Pas To Avoid This Year

We know it’s August and we’ve been promised a heatwave (we’ll believe it when we see it), but it’s never too early to start thinking about your sartorial choices for the upcoming season. Sadly, autumn really isn’t that far away – so here are a few fashion mistakes you’d perhaps do well to avoid. A […]

Apple music on android phone

Have You Tried iOS 10’s New Music App Yet?

The Apple Music streaming app for Android has finally come out of beta, so you can all pick it up from the Google Play Store right now. But what does it come with and is it worth your time? Since it launched in June last year, the app has achieved over 15 million paying subscribers, […]

Male model in sunglasses and urban clothing

How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

There’s not a lot that you need to wear accessories-wise to look the don in your Pawn Future t shirts but there is one that you should always have upon your person, especially at this time of year. We’re talking about sunglasses, your go-to option for always looking cool. But you need to buy the […]

Male model in streetwear clothing shorts

How To Wear Shorts At Work

When we’re in our streetwear clothing, we’re kings at how to wear shorts in style (team it up with a Pawn Future Kings tee – it’s not hard), however, shorts in the workplace is a whole different kettle of fish. The first question is whether you should be wearing them at all, let alone then […]

Male standing on roadside with bag dressed in urban streetwear

The Three Bags Every Man Needs

It’s great if, like us, your go-to look is urban streetwear, however that doesn’t always translate into every area of your life, so making sure you have a distinct look for every different ‘you’ you have to present to the world is important. While most of us can do this pretty easily for work in […]

Netflix on Laptop

4 Of The Best Music Documentaries On Netflix

Got a spare day this weekend? Then may we suggest that you pull your scruffs on, order a pizza and bunker down with your other half for a day or two, binge watching some of the amazing music documentaries that are now available on Netflix. Here’s the four that we’ll be watching this weekend. David Bowie: Five […]

Raining on umbrella in summer

Get The Rain Macs Out!

Have you been enjoying all this lovely warm weather? Well, too bad because it looks like the great British summer is coming to a really rather premature end. Soz. Apparently, we can all expect the sun to disappear and chilly temperatures and storms to come in its place as of August, which is pretty disappointing really since […]

mens streetwear clothing fashion model

Men’s Fashion: Pink Is The New Black

Black is as much a popular choice when it comes to men’s streetwear clothing as it is for female fashion. But now guys who want to maintain their style credentials should be swapping their black T-shirts and shorts for something a little brighter – pink. At recent catwalks for Men’s Fashion, pink in all different […]