4 Of Our Favourite Beard Grooming Kits

Will the beard ever quit? That’s the question we often pose to ourselves here at the Pawn Future Kings headquarters and the answer is, well, we simply don’t know. They certainly seem to be here to stay and if that is indeed the case, you’re all going to need a beard grooming kit stashed away somewhere at home next to your fresh clothing. Here are four of our favourites.

Men’s Society



This was a winner at the Make Awards last year so it’s a solid bet if you’re new to beard grooming. Each kit comes with beard oil (that apparently smells of forest and soil), moustache wax for a touch of flare, a comb (moustache-shaped, of course) and stainless steel scissors so you can always look your best.




So this one is a bit on the expensive side but is it worth it? It comes in a beautiful wooden box, filled with moustache wax, your choice of beard oil, a boar’s hair brush, a moustache comb as well as a pocket and large one, and some trimming scissors. There are four different oils to choose from so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Mo Bro’s



Love the branding on this one. This kit comes with beard balm, oil and soap, and a hessian travel bag. You can also pick from two different scents – classic cedarwood or vanilla and mango. Decisions, decisions!

Honest Outlaw



Get this sleek vintage green box and you’ll find beard oil made from natural oils, beard balm, soap made from argan oil and the ash from a volcano (yes, really!), peppermint moustache wax, a wooden beard comb and some scissors.

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