4 Shoe Trends To Watch

You’ve got to make sure that your feet are as well dressed as the rest of you if you want to turn heads for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Your shoes can actually make or break an outfit, so here are four key trends to keep a look out for.

Socks and sandals

Ok, so we have to admit that we’re not too sure about this one ourselves, but according to the runways in Milan socks and sandals for men are what the future holds. At the very least, it means that casual style’s going to stay trendy for quite some time – and who doesn’t like to be comfortable, hey?


Oxfords are still hot news at the moment (will they ever go out of fashion? Doubt it) but if you want to get the look right over the next season or two look out for pairs with contrasting colourful soles to the rest of the shoe.

Jazzed-up loafers

Much like Oxfords, loafers are essentially still the same but with a few little twists, like sequins and studs to really make them stand out from the crowd. Have to say it, you’ll need to be a bit brave to pull these off.

Suede trainers

Athleisure shows no signs of going anywhere but get the look this year with suede or leather trainers, instead of canvas. If you’re looking for a more grown-up version of the trusty sneaker, suede or leather is the way to go.

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