5 Of The Best Fashion Apps For Men

We’re not going to lie, it’s hard work staying on top of all the trends in men’s fashion and streetwear clothing. Fashion moves quickly and you have to move with it if you want to keep abreast of everything that’s happening day in, day out. Here are some apps to download that could help you keep your finger on the pulse.


Who doesn’t love a free app from time to time? This is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to keep on top of what’s happening in menswear around the world. You’ll especially love this app for its guides on grooming and fashion etiquette as well.

StyleBook Men

Get organised with your wardrobe with this amazing app. You can upload photos of everything you have in your closet so it’s easy to keep track of everything you own. You can also upload your favourite looks so you can find out just how often you wear them. Maybe it’s time for a change? This app will let you know. Even better, you can use the in-app calendar to organise your various looks for upcoming dates so there’s no need to panic about what to wear on the day.


If you’re not on Instagram already, the only question we can really ask is, why not? Follow all your favourite brands, of course, but also follow other people so you can pick up lots of easy style tips and get inspiration for your own wardrobe from the comfort of your couch.


Another fun and free app that’ll help you work out what to wear. Keep your eye on all the latest runways easily so you know what’s coming up next season – perfect if you like to be ahead of the crowd.


Looking for a bit of feedback before you leave the house? It can be tricky if you live on your own. But not with the Cloth app! This lets you upload your looks so other people can
let you know what they think. You can also use the smartphone inventory option to log all your clothes so you can see what goes with what without having to try on lots of different outfits. Phew!

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