5 Ways To Style A Denim Shirt

If you’ve not got at least one denim shirt in your wardrobe, then you’re not doing men’s streetwear clothing right. Put off from the style because you’re not sure how to rock it? Look no further than this blog post and its five ideas for pulling off the denim shirt look with some serious panache.


It’s summer. The sun is shining. You want to wear shorts. That’s all fine and dandy but put your trusty polo shirt down and pick up a denim number instead. Keep your shorts neutral and pair with some brown loafers for a chilled out look that anyone can get away with.

Double denim

A bit risky, sure, but no one ever got anywhere in life by not taking a few chances now and then. Keep it light denim on the top and dark denim on the bottom, and you’ll be fine.

White tees

You don’t need to be all buttoned up with your denim shirts – pair them with a white graphic tee and leave it unbuttoned for a super casual look that’s perfect for low key events.


Do you work somewhere where you can express yourself through your sartorial choices? Then switch out your white work shirt with a denim option instead. Dress it up with a snazzy tie, some brogues and your favourite work blazer for a great look that’ll garner you compliments for sure.


Who doesn’t love chinos in spring/summer? They’re lightweight, look cool and, most importantly, work incredibly well with denim shirts. Give the look a go today.

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