60 Biggest-Selling Albums Of All Time Finally Revealed!

Does your favourite band make the list? What would your top 60 favourite albums of all time be? Well, if you need a bit of inspiration then may we advise you to take a look at the Official Albums Chart’s top 60 best-selling albums ever to see what’s hot and what’s not.

The top ten consists of Queen Greatest Hits (6.1 million sales), ABBA Gold (5.2 million sales), The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (5.1 million sales), Adele 21 (4.9 million sales), Oasis What’s the Story? Morning Glory (4.7 million sales), Michael Jackson Thriller (4.4 million sales), Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon (4.3 million sales), Dire Straits Brothers in Arms (4.3 million sales), Michael Jackson Bad (four million sales) and Queen Greatest Hits II (four million sales).

Martin Talbot, Official Charts chief executive, said: “With seven albums by British acts in the all-time Top 10 and Adele’s 21 now challenging The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper to be the biggest selling studio album of all time, it is a great list for homegrown talent. And the fact that Adele’s latest album 25 is riding into the overall Top 30, along with Ed Sheeran’s X, underlines the power of the Official Albums Chart in championing great British talent, young and old.”

Of course, no one says you have to agree with this rundown and since it’s based on sales figures, there’s sure to be some arguments in your household over who should really hold that much-coveted number one spot. All this has got us here at urban clothing brand Pawn Future Kings a-wondering just what your favourite album is ever and why. There’s a lot of fresh talent out there at the moment so maybe it’s a newer record, or perhaps you know you just can’t beat an oldie but a goodie.

Whatever your tastes, whatever tunes you drop, let us know what your favourite album is and why in the comments below. Bet you can’t guess ours!

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