Are You Brave Enough To Braid?

We’ve had manbuns, we’ve had hipster beards, we’ve had quiffs… it’s all about hair for men these days, whether it’s on your face or the top of your head. But are you confident enough to try and pull off what we here at Pawn Future Kings predicts will be the hottest look for men next season – the braid.

Of course, you need to have hair of a certain length to give it a go but if you’ve been a staunch supporter of the manbun for quite some time, it’s likely you’ll already have the luscious locks in place to get started with your hair braiding career. If you’ve got long hair on top and shorter sides, you can still rock the look – just braid the top and tuck the end of the braid back in on itself so it holds. Add in a slick of gel to hold the braid together and give your hair some shine. A spritz of hairspray and you’re done.

While braids may well have been the sole preserve of the female of the species in the past, there’s no need to worry that you’ll look feminine if you tie your hair up in this way. When done well, this can in fact be a really masculine look, one that will go perfectly with your urban streetwear clothing. Cornrows are one option, and have been around forever, but why don’t you mix it up a bit and French braid your hair right down the middle? You’ll be surprised by how edgy this actually looks – and there’s no doubt you’ll get admiring glances coming your way.

If you don’t feel ready to ditch the manbun just yet, what about keeping it chill with a side braid that means you can still tie your hair up in a bun but hit the trend head on at the same time. And if you’re really feeling brave and confident, mix it up with a crown braid. Perhaps not one for the faint of heart so find your feet with this hairstyle first.

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