Biggest Men’s Fashion Faux-Pas Revealed

Even if you don the coolest streetwear brands, you can still get it wrong style-wise sometimes… but luckily it seems as if you’re not alone in making dubious fashion choices from time to time.

Harvey Nichols has just revealed what men believe are the biggest fashion faux-pas they can make and it probably comes as no surprise that wearing socks with sandals is in the number one spot. Yes, it might be more comfortable putting on some white tube socks to wear with your Birkenstocks so you don’t get dirt in your toes, but can you hand on heart say it’s a good look? We’re not convinced.

As reported by the Independent, the other looks that men think need to go the way of the ghost include badly fitting clothes, trousers that are too short, high-waisted trousers, shorts that are too short, brogues and loafers without socks, white vests, skinny jeans, frayed jeans and red jeans.

So if you want to impress your fellow man, it might be wise to avoid any of these. That said, you’ll want to avoid some of them if you want to impress your fellow woman as well – the survey found that women in Britain also have a problem with socks with sandals. Top knots and beards are also a turn-off for the ladies as well, apparently.

There you have it! Why not peruse the Pawn Future Kings site to see what we’ve got in stock that can have you looking trend-setting instead of earning you a few strange glances as you make your way down the street.

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