Camo That Really Stands Out From The Crowd!

Whether you keep your eyes on the runways or just take inspiration from streetwear clothing bloggers, you’ll already know that camo has come around again to be a massive trend for summer this year.

While good, old-fashioned combat fatigues have been the most popular way to interpret this trend in previous years, this year the best way to run with military style is to go a little bit of colour and do something creative with it. In its army incarnation, camouflage is all about blending in, but when it comes to your wardrobe, we’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

While it may be a bit high fashion for our tastes, just take a look at Versace’s take on camo for spring – deconstructing patterns and doing something a bit mad with it. It’s such a classic design that it can take a bit of playing around with.

Of course, we’re always up for a bit of fun, but also serious when it comes to street wear clothing, so take a look at our interpretation of the trend in our t-shirt collection.

Our Scribble Camo takes the idea of camo and turns it on its head, using the classic pattern in stripped back monochrome.

The Camo Black t-shirt uses just a touch of the classic army green shades, however, with a contemporary twist with slick geometric shapes.

And last but not least, the Geometry Camo T-shirt. This is camo, but not how you know it. In a cool palette with contrast sleeves and the all-important Pawn logo, it should be your go-to summer tee for hitting this street style trend.

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