Danger At The Olympics! The Worst Accidents So Far

There’s been a lot of talk about health and safety at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio thus far (apparently, if athletes drink just three teaspoons of water at certain venues, they’re almost sure to come down with a virus that could cause respiratory or stomach illnesses!). And it certainly seems as if there’s something of a Rio de Janeiro curse at the moment, with numerous athletes suffering seriously horrific accidents and it’s only been on for four days.

A video of French gymnast Ait Said breaking his leg in the men’s vault event has been doing the rounds online (warning – it’s pretty awful), and then insult was seriously added to injury when Olympic staff dropped his stretcher as they carried him out of the arena to put him in the ambulance.

And Dutch rider Annemiek van Vleuten knocked herself out and sustained a fractured spine in three places after coming off her bike during the women’s road race event – with many now saying that the cycling route is too dangerous and should not have been passed as an Olympic event.

We’re also feeling sorry for Kazakhstan rower Vladislav Yakovlev, who fell into the Guanabara Bay (which, we’re sorry to say, is brimming full with human sewage) after his boat hit an obstacle in the water, chucking him into the deep.

It’s also pretty concerning that a stray bullet from a 5.56mm assault rifle was shot through the equestrian press tent by accident, with some now speculating that it came from a nearby military base and had nothing to do with the Games. Either way, it wouldn’t be surprising if people were starting to freak out a little!

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