Fashion Tips For Glastonbury

If you are planning to go to Glastonbury this week (June 22nd to 26th) and want to embrace festival fashion with your choice of men’s streetwear clothing, make sure you look at our tips on what to wear.

Rubber trainers

Glastonbury is famous for being wet and muddy, and with the current rainy weather the UK has been experiencing lately, this year does not appear to be any different. That’s why you need to make sure you invest in good footwear.

Traditionally, wellies (preferably designer ones) were the choice of the day. But nowadays it’s all about rubber trainers.

These water-resistant shoes will mean you can wipe the mud away at the end of the day and still look stylish as you listen to your favourite bands.

Short shorts

Even if it is raining, shorts are a requirement at Glastonbury. Not only are they lighter and less cumbersome than bulky jeans, but if you do get wet, your legs are easier to dry than long trousers.

Choose this season’s tailored short shorts in a dark colour such as navy, so if they do get wet or muddy, they don’t look as dirty!

Designer sunglasses

You might be tempted to dress up in silly costumes, hats and sunglasses while at a festival, but in all seriousness, it is important to bring a good pair of sunglasses with you.

If weather predictions are set to be believed, temperatures are meant to surge this week, reaching mid to late 20Cs by the weekend. So, you’ll need to protect your eyes against strong UV rays. A pair of Ray Bans always look effortlessly cool. Just try not to lose or break them!

Likewise, protect yourself from sunstroke with a stylish hat. Basketball-style caps are back in fashion this year, and will help shield your face from the sun when you’re standing outside all day.

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