Get The Rain Macs Out!

Have you been enjoying all this lovely warm weather? Well, too bad because it looks like the great British summer is coming to a really rather premature end. Soz. Apparently, we can all expect the sun to disappear and chilly temperatures and storms to come in its place as of August, which is pretty disappointing really since August is peak summertime and we’d expect it to be hotter than hot at this time of year.

But, of course, we do live in the UK and it simply wouldn’t be summer here if it didn’t piss it down, would it? It’s looking like showers will be widespread across the entire country and temperatures will fall by at least ten degrees C. The upshot of it all is that if you were having trouble sleeping because of the heat, you should at least be able to get your eight hours uninterrupted once again.

At least it should be easier to get dressed in your urban clothing and head outside. You’ll know not to leave the house without your rain mac and brolly, at the very least. Because it’s been so muggy but also seems to be threatening with rain at least once a day, getting dressed has been a bit tricky for some of us. You don’t want to go out without a coat in case it does rain but then you’re stuck with carrying it around all day, getting too hot and bothered.

Of course, we’re not entirely sure that you should trust the weather reports. We heard six weeks ago that it was supposed to be the hottest summer in a century, and that basically hasn’t happened. And two weeks ago we were told that we could expect six whole weeks of heatwave weather – and now look what’s happened.

We reckon you should stick to the tried and tested method of finding out what the weather is doing by looking out of the window. It’ll definitely be more accurate than the weather forecast!

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