Grooming Tips To Turn Back Time

Many men care just as much about their looks as women, spending their spare cash on the latest urban streetwear and grooming products.

For all those who are worried about getting older, these tips on how to prevent the tell-tale signs of ageing will be much appreciated.

Use eye cream

It’s not just ladies who need eye cream, and men should apply specific lotion to their lids as soon as possible to keep wrinkles at bay.

Speaking to Forbes, Chris Salgardo, president of Kiehl’s USA, said: “Think of your eye area as the dashboard of a car. If you leave it untreated in the sun, it will fade and crack. Same with the skin around your eyes.”

Look for lifting serum

Facial muscles begin to relax over time, and before you know it, tight jawlines and chiselled cheekbones are things of the past. If you want to keep your face looking defined, make sure you add a lifting serum to your grooming bag.

The firming lotions will help give the effect of tighter skin, so your natural contours are highlighted and wrinkles are disguised.

Treat your skin with masks

Men’s grooming industry has grown exponentially over the years, with blokes just using moisturising cream a few years’ ago to now owning as many lotions as their wives and girlfriends.

One product that has risen in popularity recently is the facemask. Now you can join your partners pampering themselves on a Saturday night by applying a thick mask to your face, helping to rejuvenate your skin and open up pores.

Your skin will certainly thank you for it!

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