Hair Trend Alert: Murls (Man Curls)

If like us, you’re more into your streetwear clothing than haute couture, you may well be looking to the street style bloggers over the catwalks for your fashion inspiration fix. Some of the world’s most stylish men are invited to fashion shows and they’ve become a fixture for fashion websites scoping out the real trends right now.

One such trend has been identified by none other than, which has found a new hair trend on the streets outside Milan’s big fashion shows. It seems the man bun has been relegated for long, flowing curly locks for summer this year.

They’ve called them ‘murls’, otherwise known as man curls, and they see men’s street style lovers rocking them as a nod to that slightly retro 70s trend that has been knocking around for the past few years. They’re wearing their hair both with facial hair and the clean cut look, but often with the summer’s must have sunglasses shape – the aviator.

So do you think you could pull off the long hair look? To be fair, it’s not a decision you could make lightly, so if you fancy trying it out, you’ll be waiting at least until summer 2017 to rock your man curls.

For now, we prefer something a bit more short and manageable – and we see lots of you out there in Pawn Future Kings tees going for a short, tidy look too. If you can’t go for the man curl quite yet, why not try a fade around the sides, or an off-centre parting?

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