Hairstyle Trends From Men’s Fashion Week New York

When you think of Men’s Fashion Week, you probably want to know all about the upcoming trends in clothes and shoes.

Most guys interested in style look to these catwalk shows to see how men’s streetwear clothing will change over the year and what kind of outfits they can expect to slip on next spring/summer.

However, our attention was taken by the different hairstyles that were rocked on the runway, particularly during Men’s Fashion Week New York.

Firstly, there was the evident popularity of bleach blonde Afro-textured hair, chosen by a huge number of designers for their models. For instance, Missoni, Zha Thompson and N-p-Elliott all chose the look, perhaps inspired by the super cool fencer Miles Chamley-Watson.

The British-born American athlete competed in the 2012 Olympics and the return of the games this summer could have sparked interest in the bottle-blonde look again.

Another trend that proved popular on the catwalk was dreadlocks. N. Hoolywood, Ovadia & Sons and Parke & Ronen all featured models with dreads at their shows, demonstrating just how big this trend will be next summer.

If you’re thinking of adopting the look for a cool street vibe, you could wear your dreads in a short bob, piled high on the top of your head, or super long around your shoulders. Of course, that involves growing your hair a lot, so you might want to start now!

Long hair was a big thing during Men’s Fashion Week, so if you don’t fancy having dreadlocks, but do like the idea of growing your hair, you’re in luck. John Varvatos, in particular, used male models with chest-length hair.

The trick to this look is to keep your tresses long, slightly wavy, thick and glossy.

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