Have You Seen Lords Of Dogtown?

If you’re into your skateboarding, there’s one movie and one movie alone you have to add to your must-watch list right now and that’s Lords of Dogtown, a fictionalised account of the group of amazing young skateboarders who grew up on the streets of Dogtown in Santa Monica, California.

Known as the Z-Boys, they honed their craft in the mid-70s by practising flip tricks in the empty swimming pools of their hometown, really putting skateboarding as we know it today on the map (the birth of aerial skating, in fact) and becoming the stuff of legend in the process.

You’re sure to have heard their names in passing before – Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Nathan Pratt, Chris Cahill and Allen Sarlo were all the founding members of the Z-Boys, representing the Zephyr surfboard shop owned by Skip Engblom, Jeff Ho and Craig Stecyk.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (probably better known for her work on the Twilight movies), Lords of Dogtown is actually written by Stacy Peralta himself so you can trust that the story will be pretty true to life. And you can definitely bet that after you’re done watching it there’s only one thing you’ll be able to think about… getting your deck out and practising your own sweet skate moves until you can’t stand up any more.

It’s also got a star turn from Heath Ledger as Skip Engblom in it (certainly to our mind, one of his best films in fact) so keep an eye out for him. When it comes to ticking boxes, this movie does it all.

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