Have You Tried iOS 10’s New Music App Yet?

The Apple Music streaming app for Android has finally come out of beta, so you can all pick it up from the Google Play Store right now. But what does it come with and is it worth your time?

Since it launched in June last year, the app has achieved over 15 million paying subscribers, with over 30 million songs available for people to stream. But that’s not all – it also has Beats 1 radio with acts ranging from Drake to Elton John all competing for your eardrums.

And interestingly, the app also now comes with an equalizer that can be accessed via the settings section on the app. Its default setting is off so you’ll have to go in manually to set it up but once you have, you’ll be able to select different music types that come with pre-set levels that can be adjusted easily so you can listen to your music your way.

Other key features include recommendations for albums and playlists that are based on your own musical tastes, as well as on-demand curated radio stations so you can hear more tunes that you’re likely to enjoy. Plus if you subscribe you can enjoy Apple Music for free for the first three months so even if you don’t use it after that, it’s still worth giving a go.

It’s been well received by other users, with many saying how well it works across multiple devices and some saying that leaving Spotify for Apple Music was definitely the right decision.

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