Here’s Why Us Men Aren’t Buying So Much Skincare

Remember a few years back when any man who combed his hair and actually cared which streetwear brands he wore was labelled a ‘metrosexual’? Well, thank god, those days are over and men are more comfortable than ever taking care of their appearance without worrying what other people might think.

However, one trend has reversed over the last couple of years which you might not expect – and that’s the amount of skincare we’re buying. There was a time when any respecting Christmas stocking would be full of the latest manly lotions by L’Oreal in the grey and orange bottles, but these days, growth is a bit slower.

In 2013, the amount of skincare us men bought grew by 13 per cent, while just two years later, this fell to 1.3 per cent – quite the dip. Want to know why? One word. Beards. Yes, in that time, or obsession with taking care of ourselves has ‘grown’ in more way than one, and now it’s all over our faces.

While we used to opt for more complicated skincare routines, we’re now in favour of keeping things simpler. With more people opting for designer stubble all the way up to beards over the clean shaven look, we’ve got less face to moisturise, and less need as we’re not battling the dryness and irritation associated with shaving quite so much.

However, going someway to replace the skincare trend is the beardcare trend. According to the research reported on Yahoo, 18 per cent of men use a beard product such as an oil or wash specially designed for the beard.

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