House Music

We’re into our music here at Pawn Future Kings more specifically soul music. When I say soul music I’m not just talking about the genre of soul I’m talking about music with soul, music that moves the soul in a spiritual way.

Right now time is being spent growing pawn future kings but that doesn’t stop us getting into the studio and writing some tracks.


Its quite easy to start making music at home all you need is a computer and a DAW (digital audio workstation) there’s quite a lot out there and popular ones include Reason, Live, Cubase and Logic. Back in the early days of house music and hip hop, producers used outboard equipment, what do I mean by this? well all the sounds came from different pieces of equipment, like drum machines, keyboards and samplers. All this equipment was controlled by a sequencer like cubase usually running on an old Atari ST. Nowadays a decent PC will do everything inside the machine, the only thing lacking is that hands on approach in my opinion. But at the end of the day its what you get out of the equipment that matters.

reason8-2-screenshot-5.e39429461013picture of reason 8 sequencer

Whats really interesting is that the rise in vinyl sales has also fuelled a rise in Analogue outboard equipment. Classic machines like the 303 and 808 responsible for acid house and electro are being repackaged and re-released.

Urban Clothing Inspirationpicture of vintage analogue synths

Its amazing to think modern dance music is back to being made using re-modelled analogue machines and we’re loving it so much that it inspires our urban clothing.

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