How The TV Has Always Influenced Fashion

According to recent reports in the Daily Mirror, the success and popularity of BBC show Peaky Blinders has caused a surge in demand for the flat cap. The flat cap is sported by protagonist Tommy Shelby, played by man of the moment Cillian Murphy.

Sales of the flat cap have rocketed due to the popularity of the hit show, allegedly peaking (if you will excuse the pun) at around an 83 per cent increase from the previous year.

It is certainly understandable why men might want to emulate the cool, calm and constantly cigarette-smoking Tommy Shelby. The character is everything that you would want to be – powerful, respected and popular with the ladies.

However, let us hope that people aren’t taking the copying too seriously as the Peaky Blinders, based on a true Birmingham gang of the early 1900s, are known to have hid small blades in the peaks of their caps to use as weapons, hence the name.

Yet, it is not just in recent years that we have emulated and imitated our TV idols and their dress wear. A recent report in the Guardian, writing on the popularity of the T-shirt, claims that the “humble T-shirt became cool when James Dean wore a white one in Rebel Without a Cause”.

The erstwhile James Dean was one of the original fashion icons of the early 1950s. He epitomised teenage disillusionment and social estrangement and still remains a cultural icon. His donning of the T-shirt in his popular films turned the formerly modest and humble item of clothing into a wardrobe necessity and even into the apex of the outfit. 60 years on, the t-shirt is still once of the pinnacles and stalwarts of fashion.

This goes to show the profound effect celebrities and television can have on the trends and fads of fashion. Celebrities can effectively make or break fashion.

The likes of James Bond have made the tuxedo and the suit into the zenith of class and style. Conversely, the likes of hip-hop and RnB artists popularise the more casual, yet no less flashy, look of urban streetwear, such as the newest Nike or Adidas sneakers, tracksuits and baseball caps. The likes of

Kanye West and Jay Z have even delved into the fashion market themselves with reasonable degrees of success.

Moreover, the famous red carpet at the Oscars has become one of the kernels and focal points of the fashion market, scrutinised to the highest degree to see what outfit our beloved stars will arrive in.

Celebrities and television evidently have a profound effect on the fashion industry. Celebrity endorsement can mean the difference between success or failure for a particular brand or style.

Our desire to emulate these stars is so tangible that the likes of Cillian Murphy can bring back a style that was popular in the early 20th century, with the flat cap.

It seems that we have always looked to the TV to deduce what the latest niche in the fashion industry is, or to find out what the latest trend in fresh clothing or street wear is. Luckily for you, we have all the latest stylish and trendy clothing available at Pawn Future Kings so you needn’t look to celebrities for your answers.

Although we would still strongly recommend watching Peaky Blinders.

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