How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

There’s not a lot that you need to wear accessories-wise to look the don in your Pawn Future t shirts but there is one that you should always have upon your person, especially at this time of year. We’re talking about sunglasses, your go-to option for always looking cool. But you need to buy the right pair that properly suits your face shape.


If you’ve got something of a square face with wide cheekbones and a strong jaw line, then try on some aviators or some sunnies with rounded frames. If you’ve got particularly strong features, then bigger frames work best. You can also work rectangular frames, so basically you look good in anything!


The key with a rounder face shape is to try and create a bit of definition. Going for something with an angular frame will help lengthen your face, but you should avoid round frames because this will simply accentuate the fact that you’ve got a round face.


Got a diamond-shaped face? Then look out for sunglasses that have some detailing or that come in strong colours. This will draw people’s attention to your eyes and detract attention from the bottom half of your chops.


Those of you with oval faces should thank your lucky stars since you’re that annoying breed of person who looks good in basically any style of sunglasses. All you have to do is head out there and try a few pairs on to see which style works best with the rest of your urban clothing.

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