How To Make Yourself Look Taller

It can be hard work being slightly short if you’re a guy but there are a few tricks of the fashion trade you can try out if you want to give yourself the illusion of height. Check out these top tips for adding a bit of length with your streetwear clothing this year.


Get yourself a fitted blazer to make your shoulders look bigger and always try to keep it buttoned up to give yourself a slimmer silhouette and make your waist look smaller, while beefing up your chest.

Avoid short sleeves

Don’t want your arms to look short? Then avoid short sleeves like the plague. Shop around for a long-sleeved shirt to make your arms, and the rest of you, look a bit longer.


Sticking to a darker colour palette can make you look taller, although don’t be afraid of mixing shades. Simply dress your lower half in a darker colour to the top half of your body and you’ll be fine.

Skinny ties

Luckily, these are super trendy right now but a skinny tie will not only make you look like you have your finger firmly on the fashion pulse, it will also make you appear taller than you are because they draw the eye up and down the body.

Keep your shirts short

Don’t go for a longer shirt, as it’ll make you look like you’ve bought something that doesn’t fit properly. A shorter shirt, meanwhile, will make your body seem more balanced and keep your proportions looking as they should.

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