How To Pack For Hand-Luggage Only Holidays

By now, your wardrobe is packed out with the very best streetwear brands, so you’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to packing for your summer holidays. However, with loads of the budget airlines ramping up fees for adding luggage onto your flight, more and more people are opting for the ‘hand luggage holiday’ for shorter breaks.

The great thing with this idea is there’s no risk of lost luggage, no waits at the baggage carousel, as well as making it easier to hop in a taxi with your squad.

However, squeezing all your outfit options into a small bag can be a challenge, so we’ve rounded up our team’s top tips for packing your cabin baggage for a successful holiday.

Use yourself

Make maximum space for your urban clothing in your bag by carrying extra bits in your pockets on the plane. Phone chargers and documents are a perfect example of what can be carried to clear room in your bag. Also choose your travelling outfit carefully. Heavier items such as coats and jackets could be worn instead, as well as bigger, bulkier going-out shoes.

Make a capsule wardrobe

Choose a collection of clothes that work well together and you’ll find yourself with plenty of options. Pack your Pawn Future Kings tees in neutral colours and they’re sure to go with almost everything.

Get a good bag

There’s no point taking a tiny rucksack – make the most of your allowance and go for a small suitcase – this will give you the most space possible!

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