How To Rock Men’s Fashion At Weddings This Summer

Traditionally, ladies have all the fun choosing their outfits and dressing up for weddings. But this year, there is a greater emphasis on men’s fashion than ever before, with more and more guys turning up in their favourite fresh clothing to steal the show from their partners.

Here are the latest trends to rock at nuptials this summer:

Coloured suits

Wedding suits no longer have to be grey or navy blue anymore. Instead, you can jazz up your wardrobe and invest in burgundy, green, bright blue or even yellow suits!

You will certainly turn heads with a brightly coloured outfit, but if you have the confidence to pull it off, it could a favourite among guests.

Coloured accessories

If you’re not brave enough to buy a colourful suit, don’t worry as there are still many ways you can make your outfit exciting. Why not buy a shirt in a voluminous shade, for instance?

Or you could add colourful socks, ties, braces or waistcoats to your ensemble that will add a subtle but striking look to your ensemble. White bowties are going to be big this summer, so get yourself one now to see you through the whole season.

Ditch the accessories

While weddings are your chance to dress your smartest, more guys are opting for a laidback approach to their wedding look. Instead of getting your tie, buttonholes and waistcoat ready for the big day, you could leave all the accessories at home.

To make this look appear natural and not as though you’ve just forgotten half your outfit, team a patterned shirt with smart chinos, and throw a navy blue blazer on top. Leave the top buttons of your shirt open and wear a pair of desert boots or brogues.

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