How To Wear Shorts At Work

When we’re in our streetwear clothing, we’re kings at how to wear shorts in style (team it up with a Pawn Future Kings tee – it’s not hard), however, shorts in the workplace is a whole different kettle of fish. The first question is whether you should be wearing them at all, let alone then how do wear them in style.

Usually, you’ll know whether shorts are work appropriate depending on your office dress code, however, trickier is when you’re new to an office and the rule is unspoken. In this scenario, it’s a case of one in, all in, so wait for someone who’s been around for a little while to take the plunge and follow suit if it goes down well.

Next, we need to know how to wear them in style for the workplace. If you’re work has a more relaxed dress code and is a creative environment, you’ll undoubtedly get away with a lot more than you would in an office-based environment.

If we were dressing casually in a PFK tee, we’d go for some classic denim shorts, jeans are usually a definite no-no for a smart casual office no matter what the weather outside is like.

While you may be less likely to wear a tailored short in day to day life, if you’ve experienced working in an office without air conditioning on a boiling hot day, you’ll know they’re a worthy investment.

However, a good in between could perhaps be a chino short. Easily dressed up with a shirt, you could wear these just as easily with your PFK t-shirt, meaning you only have to make a small change to go straight from work to an after hours barbecue in your favourite streetwear brand.

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