In Video: Hydrofoil Surfing

The next big thing for anyone who loves hanging ten is hydrofoil surfing, using a surfboard that comes equipped with a hydrofoil that hangs below the board and into the water. This means that your surf board can leave the water’s surface at different speeds – and the best bit is that because of reduced friction, you can go insanely fast when catching waves.

Laird Hamilton, the American big wave surfer, is perhaps the biggest name in the hydrofoil surfing world right now and is well known for his aerial tricks on the water so give him a Google if you want to find out more. He’s also a big fan of stand-up paddle surfing that involves using a longboard and a long-handled paddle, an old Hawaiian technique that also looks a lot of fun.

But back to the old hydrofoil… Here are a couple of awesome videos that will prove to you just how much fun riding a hydrofoil board can actually be. Naturally, there’ll be a few haters out there who think it sullies the good name of surfing but hey, it’s all about experimentation and having as much fun on the water as possible. If that means giving hydrofoil surfing a go, then so be it. And if it’s good enough for Laird Hamilton, then it’s certainly good enough for the rest of us.

Foil Surfing, Joe Rouse

Check out these huge waves in Maui and how cool it looks hydrofoiling your way through them. Looks fun to us!

Laird Hamilton Foil Boarding On Kauai, Adam Guy

See the godfather of hydrofoil surfing in action right here. This has got to inspire you, surely!

Kai Lenny Hydrofoil Surfing, Kai Lenny

They make it look so easy, right? Give it a go and see how you get on.

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