Key Looks From London Collections Men

Men’s fashion week, otherwise known as London Collections Men, began last week, showcasing the key trends for summer style in 2017. Anyone who loves to have their finger on the pulse of fashion attended the shows in the capital.

However, for those who weren’t able to take a first-hand look at the men’s streetwear clothing to be seen in next summer, here are some key trends you are bound to adopt in 12 months’ time.

White shoes

White shoes have often been something to be wary of, as they are prone to getting dirty quickly. But throw your reservations aside, as white loafers, sandals and trainers are all the rage next summer.

And yes, you are allowed to team them with socks!

Urban wear

Urban wear will become a huge thing next year, with blokes ditching their tailored shorts and crisp shirts in favour of hoodies, trainers and tracksuits. It is perhaps indicative of the British summer that hooded jumpers and fleecy trackies took centre stage instead of cooler attire.

If you are going to adopt a more urban look to your wardrobe next summer, make sure it is branded as this adds an element of pop-culture to the style.

Short shorts

In case the sun does make an appearance next year, guys should invest in short shorts, as they will be filling shelves in high street stores.

Choose fitted styles in bright Union Jack colours as part of the quintessential ‘British’ look that will become popular. Indeed, expect your clothes to feature Tudor roses, Richard the Lionheart, and Wimbledon references.

With men’s fashion week taking place over the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration weekend, it was only fitting that many designers injected some national pride into their outfits.

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