Ladies Don’t Like The Man Bun, Apparently

New research suggests that the fabled man bun, the Marmite of hair-dos, could in fact be hindering your chances of scoring with the ladies.

Love it or hate it, a new cutting edge report by HTC mobile has suggested that the man bun could in fact be hindering your chances at love on online dating apps or websites, claims Sky News.

The report showed the haircut to be one of the greatest deterrents and the least advisable choice to put in your display picture on apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Happn, which are used by around 25 per cent of Brits.

Such dating apps mean that the display picture you use for them is the new first impression. Therefore, appearance is paramount.

This spells bad news for the swathes of man bun owners across the UK, not least for those who use these kinds of dating apps. Yet the forecast is not all bleak for those who don the controversial bun.
The same report suggested that the most attractive items for men to wear are skinny jeans and a suit jacket or blazer, with blue apparently being the most attractive colour on a man.

Therefore, if one has already committed wholeheartedly to the man bun, its deterring effects can be curtailed by simply donning some fresh clothing and taking a few selfies of yourself looking sharply dressed.

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