Leg Tattoos – The Height Of Fashion For Men

We’ve heard tell that there’s something of a heatwave headed our way in the next week or so, with blistering temperatures expected from June onwards. In fact, forecasters are now saying that we can expect the hottest summer for over a century – so you’d better bust out your favourite pair of urban streetwear shorts if you’re going to survive the mercury rising this season.

When it comes to menswear accessories these days, you might well have noticed the latest trend springing up on your city streets – that of leg tattoos. Before now, men would opt to have their tatts hidden away on their chests, backs or on their arms but recent times have seen them position them somewhat lower down specifically to show them off, driven in large part by changes in men’s fashion and how men are choosing to dress these days.

As GQ associate style editor Nick Carvell observes in his latest piece on the magazine’s website, one of the main reasons we’re now seeing an increasing number of leg tattoos on men popping up all over the show is not necessarily down to the fact that more men are getting them. Instead, it seems as though it’s because men, both celebs and the general public alike, are choosing to show more skin, influenced by the explosion of menswear in the UK.

Speaking to the news source, street style icon Nick Wooster (who’s fostered a keen interest in both men’s fashion and body art) agreed that men are exposing more of their bodies in general so we’re bound to notice more men with tattoos on their legs. “Legs were seen as more feminine areas of the body to show. I think with Rick Owens and Givenchy recently, these are brands that have brought traditional ‘gym’ clothes like shorts to the fore and we now wear them on the street. And that’s what I do. I wear shorts because they’re more comfortable.”

So what are the latest trends where men’s leg tattoos are concerned? Traditional tattoos like roses, tribal pieces, skulls and Japanese-style art will always be popular, but one of the biggest trends for tattoos to have emerged in recent times is blackout tattooing. This is basically exactly what it says on the tin – where large portions of the body are inked in solid black.

Legs are actually one of the most common places to see a blackout tattoo, although expect to catch them on arms, chests and backs as time marches on as well. Check out the hashtag #blackouttattoo on social media networks for some inspiration if you’re taken with this idea – but don’t make the decision unless you’re fully committed to it.

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