Look To The Future: Men’s Fashion Trends For 2017

Who doesn’t want to keep on top of all menswear fashion trends so they can look their best and never have to worry that they’ve gone out of fashion all of a sudden? If you want to get ahead of the sartorial game, check out this blog post with some of the key trends for menswear next year and start browsing some urban clothing websites this very day.

The suit is back

Great news if you like to dress up from time to time – suits are back with a vengeance from next year. Keep your look fresh, however, by seeking out a few pastel or navy blue numbers instead of the tried and tested black. And even keep it super casual by wearing your suit with a T-shirt instead of a shirt and tie.

Athleisure is still in

Comfort and style go hand in hand for a few more months at the very least. Whether you love or hate the athleisure obsession that’s all over the show right now, you’re going to have to put up with it for the foreseeable future as the look isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Get yourself some tracksuits, sweatshirts and T-shirts now if you haven’t stocked up already.

Socks, sandals, leggings

An interesting combination and perhaps not what you’d necessarily put together day in day out, but leggings, sandals and socks were the standout look on the Prada runway at Milan Fashion Week. Be brave and give it a go! Or just keep it simple and wear them one at a time. Prada did showcase sandals with ankle straps over trousers. Where do you stand on this particular issue?

Have you got any predictions about what’s going to be big news fashion-wise next year? Let us know your forecasts in the comments below.

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