Men’s Fashion: Pink Is The New Black

Black is as much a popular choice when it comes to men’s streetwear clothing as it is for female fashion. But now guys who want to maintain their style credentials should be swapping their black T-shirts and shorts for something a little brighter – pink.

At recent catwalks for Men’s Fashion, pink in all different shades were displayed on the runway for spring/summer 2017.

A wide range of designers included the colour for their outfits, such as Sacai, Tiger of Sweden, John Elliot and Robert Geller, the Guardian reported.

Guys could opt for shades of coral next year, while salmon, peach and rose-pink were also popular choices. Those brave enough could also pick bright pink tones in their shirts, trousers or accessories next summer.

You could even go for entire suits in the colourful shade, while most guys might feel more confident going for subtle touches of pink in their outfits. For instance, salmon-coloured ties, sunglasses, hats or scarves are likely to be popular choices.

While pink is normally associated with being a feminine colour, it has returned to men’s fashion retailers in the last decade.

Indeed, senior menswear editor at Rob Nowill was quoted as saying the thought that it is not masculine is “out-dated”.

“Most men have cottoned on to the fact that it’s an incredibly flattering colour on almost anyone,” he stated.

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