QuestG Las Vegas

questg inked model wearing the pawn splatter t-shirt hairdresser spraying hair on model Streetwear Clothing Websites - Questg Las Vegas wearing our king logo t-shirt pawn geometry camo t-shirt with male model questgInstagram is a great way to hook up with different people and especially influential individuals that express their passion for what they do. This is really evident with Las Vegas model Questg who is well known for his striking ink. His photographer Eric Ortiz recently got in touch with Pawn Future Kings to ask if we’d be up for doing a shoot in Las Vegas. Obviously we were very excited to get some shots with Questg for our streetwear clothing websites and having seen Eric’s artistic photos we we’re really happy to let him direct the shoot. Questg is seen wearing our King Logo T’shirt, geometry camo t-shirt and our Splatter T’shirt.

You can follow @questg on Instagram.

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