Rap’s Most Stylish Men

Do you remember the time when being a rapper was less about urban streetwear and more about oversized bling and weird hats? To be fair, it wasn’t that long ago, but in recent years, a new wave of young, exciting rappers (along with some veterans) have spearheaded the new rap aesthetic. Decked in fresh, designer clothing, this is the crowd with lyrics that mean something more than the value of the champagne they buy in the club.

We’re, of course, appreciative of all kinds of on-point men’s style, so we’ve made our pick of rap’s most stylish men to inspire.


Okay, he’s the big elephant in the room. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the man has a style that’s all his own. His Yeezys are like gold dust to get hold of, and he’s got a whole new generation wearing jumpers with holes in them. Kanye is rap’s fashion father for sure – we just sometimes wish he’d let his clothes do the talking.

A$AP Rocky

You might never have thought you’d take a man wearing gold ‘grills’ for his wardrobe word, but A$AP really kills it with his looks, no matter the event. He experiments with different styles without ever trying too hard, and is confident in his choices. Just listen to his song ‘Fashion Killa’ if you don’t believe us.

His streetwear is rap’s staple, yet understated, opting for the same shapes and silhouettes, but dialling back on the show-off extras that gives rap its image in many a person’s mind.

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