Rocking A Bow Tie: How To

Who doesn’t like to look their best, no matter what they’re doing? These days, smartening up with a shirt and tie is all very well and good but there’s something natty about dressing up in a bow tie that a long tie simply can’t match. And that’s not to say you can’t pair your urban streetwear with a bow tie… it’s all about being brave with your sartorial choices so your dickie doesn’t look random or incongruous.

For example, you could wear a muted bow tie with a white shirt under a dark denim jacket or shirt for a look that’s trendy but not overly smart – perfect for a night out or even to the office, depending on what you do for a living of course.

What you really shouldn’t be scared of is going for a bit of colour clash every now and again. A dark blue and white polka dot dickie bow works perfectly tied at the neck of a white shirt with a jazzy jacket or blazer over the top. Finish the look off with some big geek chic glasses and you’re onto a winner. Or if you want to ditch the white shirt, pair your dotty dickie bow with a blue and white vertical striped shirt instead. Winning!

If you want to wear a pocket square in your jacket pocket, a good rule of thumb is to avoid matching your pocket square to your bow tie. Don’t go for both of them in the same pattern – instead, find a design for your bow tie that you like and then look out for a pocket square in a solid colour or one that has a contrasting border.

To look after your bow tie, invest in a tie rack and keep them on that – untied – or you can fold them up gently and put them in a drawer. Don’t dry clean your bow ties, just give them a spot clean if you get something on them and if you find your bow tie gets a bit wrinkled, simply hang them in the bathroom while you’re having a shower. Job done!

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