Snapbacks At The Ready As Spanish Heatwave Heads To Britain

So far this summer, there haven’t been too many opportunities to really get much wear of your Pawn snapbacks – it’s seemed a bit more like woolly hat weather throughout June! But that’s all about to change, if the Metro is to be believed, as a heatwave is incoming from Spain to give us the summer we deserve this year.

According to the reports from WeatherAction, we could see temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius from Wednesday onwards for six whole weeks. The heatwave is caused by something called a Spanish plume, where hot air from northern Africa and southern Spain blows into mainland Europe.

Though it brings with it the promise of a handful of thunderstorms, we should be looking at some hot, sunny and dry weather too – something that’s been sadly missing this summer so far.

Some of you, by now, will have given up on building up a summer wardrobe, but we’re ready and awaiting a bit of nice weather with our Pawn snapbacks, vests and tees which are sure to keep your cool during a heatwave.

It also means good news for the rest of our planned summer antics, including music festivals like V Fest perhaps not ending with the same levels of flooding as others that have taken place so far.

If you’re going to be out for long periods of time in those kind of temperatures and direct sunlight, a hat is pretty much a must to keep you happy and healthy, so as well as being a nice bit of urban streetwear, your Pawn snapback is a lifesaver too. Can’t ask for more than that, can you?

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