Socks And Sandals: The Unlikely New Trend?

For most men, it’s the one style rule they know to be an absolute truth – no socks with sandals – so why next summer do we think we could be seeing even more people wearing them with their streetwear clothing?

The trend for socks and sandals has been all over the catwalks for both Milan and New York’s menswear shows for spring summer 2017, and once you get used to it, it’s not hard to think to yourself – wait a minute, I might actually wear this!

We’re not talking your typical socks and sandals combo after all – the type favoured by never-cool dads, hikers and, when comfort demands, overweight naturists – we’re talking sartorial men making smart choices for a new summer aesthetic, Sleek, chic combinations and loud, fashion-forward pattern clashing only please.

However, whether it will actually transfer into the fashion trends we see on the streets is yet to be seen. The Independent described the trend as ‘fashion posturing’ this week, saying that while there’s something charmingly ‘nerdish’ about the look, trends in menswear have a danger of coming off pretentious – like a preppy jumper tied around the shoulders.

While the catwalks are a safe space for fashion experimentation, it’s only in the real life wearing that a trend can thrive or die – and unfortunately for the designer-led socks and sandals combination, it’s a fashion faux pas that’s so ingrained in most of our society’s style psyche, you’ll be hard pushed to break through the barrier of acceptance.

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