Style Trends From Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Guys who try their best to keep up with the latest urban clothing trends will have taken an interest in last week’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017.

If you didn’t manage to catch the shows, here are some highlights, giving guys a hint as to what they’ll be wearing this time next year.


Urban streetwear fans will be glad to hear this style will play a huge part in fashion next year, with the catwalks filled with models wearing bomber jackets, hoodies, oversized trousers and baggy shorts.

Men’s Fashion Week was definitely more about casual trends as opposed to smart and sophisticated looks, so you can relax knowing you can spend next summer in your comfiest clobber.

Bold colours

While Milan was all about muted nudes and khaki colours, Balmain displayed an array of rainbow colours on his catwalk. Think bold, colourful stripes, contrasting shades and bright turquoises, oranges, greens and yellows.

Military look

It’s been several years since everyone wore camouflage cargo pants and khaki vests in the 1990s. But the military look is back thanks to Givenchy, who added camouflage coats, shorts and jackets to his show.

You can fully embrace this trend by matching combat items of clothing, or mix them with something more neutral like jeans, black trousers or stone-coloured shorts.

Oversized jackets

While we all hope next summer might be filled with bright sunny days, and at least be warmer than this one, designers were clearly not so hopeful, as they included several coats and jackets in their shows.

One style that certainly stood out was Balenciaga’s oversized jackets that came with huge shoulder pads and tapered in at the knee.

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