Sunglasses At The Ready – A Heatwave Cometh!

So… we here at Pawn Future Kings hope that you’ve done all your summer shopping for men’s streetwear clothing and have stocked up on T-shirts, shorts and boat shoes. Why? Because a heatwave is on the horizon and we’re about to have the hottest summer for over 100 years, apparently. In case you haven’t quite picked out your favourite sunglasses just yet, here are the latest trends in eyewear where men’s fashion is concerned.


The athleisure trend for both men and women shows no signs of slowing. Get yourself some sporty sunglasses to work the look with ease.

Round tortoise shells

Very John Lennon, round frames are big news for both sunglasses and spectacles so keep it looking cool in a pair of these shades. A really classic look that will work with whatever urban street wear outfit you’ve put together.


Geometric patterns are big for both men’s clothes and men’s sunglasses this season so now’s the time to be brave and go a bit futuristic with your eyewear choices.

No frames

This is an emerging trend so jump on it now to be at the head of the pack, instead of just one of the many mewling sheep in the fashion flock. Rimless glasses look good on basically anyone, so no matter what your face shape is, you’ll rock the trend.


Couldn’t write a blog post without mentioning the ever-popular aviators. Again, these look great on anyone and they’re always fashionable, so make an investment this season for a look you can sport year in, year out.

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