The Three Bags Every Man Needs

It’s great if, like us, your go-to look is urban streetwear, however that doesn’t always translate into every area of your life, so making sure you have a distinct look for every different ‘you’ you have to present to the world is important. While most of us can do this pretty easily for work in our everyday wardrobe, we can sometimes be guilty of not extending the same virtue to our accessories.

So while you’ve stocked up equally on plenty of smart shirts for the office and fresh tees for your after work kicks, could you be letting your whole looks down when it comes to the finishing touches. We see no greater example when looking out for great instances of street style than a bag mismatched to an outfit – either too smart or too casual for the look you’re wearing.

We’ve done a little thinking about the formula for this accessory and think we’ve boiled it down to a perfect science. These are the three bags that every man needs.

The Gym Bag

Despite its name, this bag can be worn everyday too – however, in style it should be the one you’d first think to take to the gym or thrown on to head down for a game of five-a-side. Get your sports or streetwear brands fix here, and think about the shape and style you prefer. Backpacks are a great basic, but you might prefer a duffle bag for the real gym look.

The Work Bag

This is the real deal – something smart and something leather that’s only used when necessary to keep in best shape possibly. Thin, sleek and stylish, choose a satchel style bag to project your best, most-edited image of yourself.

The Relaxed Bag

More dressy than the Gym Bag, but more functional than the Work Bag, opt for a durable, but wearable material such as canvas for this bag, as it’ll be the one that gets the most ware. Shape is not so important, but make sure you opt for something comfortable and large enough to deal with your needs. No one needs to be seen carrying a bag that’s full to bursting!

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