This Season’s Key Accessories Trends

Looking good in urban clothing brands is as much about the accessories you choose to wear with your threads as the threads themselves. Here are some of the key accessories trends for spring/summer 2016 to focus on over the coming months.

Baseball caps

These have never really gone out of fashion but they seem to really be coming to the fore this year, with huge fashion names like Versace, Calvin Klein and Balmain all giving their models headgear to sport as they stroll down the runway. Look out for leather and wool versions to take it to the next level – and peruse our site as we’ve got loads of Pawn Future Kings caps on offer.


Sometimes, you’ve just got to have a man bag with you, haven’t you? It just makes practical sense. But if you want to look ahead of the fashion game, you’ve got to swap your battered briefcase out for a natty leather backpack or similar. For inspiration, look to Valextra, Fendi and Bottega Veneta if you want extra style points.


Looking for a way to brighten up an otherwise humdrum outfit? Then a neckerchief or two should be in your wardrobe. Hermes, Margaret Howell and Louis Vuitton all showcased these recently and they’re perfect for a casual yet stylish look.

Long scarves

Think the neckerchief is a bit too short for you? Then another key trend for this season is the long scarf. Look out for ones in lighter materials and bright colours, and wear them with a trench coat or spring jacket. Just steer clear of wool. It’s summer, don’t you know?

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