Tips For Becoming A Street Style Blogger

So you’re well stocked up on men’s streetwear clothing and have honed your look – now time to show it off. Some people are happy enough with showcasing their style on a night out, however, a growing army of well-dressed chaps are turning to the internet to build a hub for other fashion appreciators to uncover.

When we say bloggers these days, it’s not necessarily essential for you to set up a blog as such. While it is easier than ever, it can be a bit of a faff building in time for setting up a site, designing graphics and making sure you sit down to write regular posts when you’re a busy modern man, but there’s no reason you can’t just take your love for style and set up a social media account to chronicle your outfit of the day on a regular basis.

To really make the most of your time spent on the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, follow some of these golden rules and reap the hearts in reward.

Set up a dedicated account

Give your fashion followers what they came here for and leave the pictures of your dinner and nights out for your personal account


This is what the hashtag is actually good for on social media – getting your content in the hands of other people. Look out for the most popular hashtags and use them on your photos, as these streams will be regularly checked out by people looking for inspiration.

Get creative with backgrounds

Whenever you’re out exploring a new place, you should be keeping your eye out for your next background for an Instagram post. While your iPhone is more than good enough to snap the pictures, you’ll get extra kudos for getting creative with where and how you take your style shots.

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