Top Spring Fashion Trends Revealed

Now’s the time to get shopping for streetwear brands if you want to look your best this season – and to help you out, here are some of the top spring trends for men currently making waves. Which of these will you try first?


The fashion world is increasingly blurring the lines between men and women’s sartorial offerings so don’t be too put off by hearing that lace is big news for men’s fashion right now. You won’t be the only one sporting a frilly lace shirt, that’s for sure – just take a look at the catwalks of the likes of Burberry and Gucci to see how to pull this particular look off.


Not a shock, really, that florals are big in spring. We wouldn’t expect anything less. Hermes and J W Anderson both appear to be taken with big blooming flowers, so bring a few of these into your everyday look to hit the trend head on.

Wide leg trousers

If you’re not into your shorts or the weather’s just not there yet, style yourselves right up in a pair of wide leg trousers – again, not just for girls! Pair yours with an open neck bowling shirt and some smart casual sneakers for an on-trend look that’ll turn heads guaranteed.

Souvenir jackets

Don’t want to rock your leather anymore? Then you need a souvenir jacket in your wardrobe right now. This was first seen in japan just after World War II, commissioned by American soldiers in the country to commemorate their time spent overseas. Cherry blossom, dragons, tigers and American eagles all sit side by side.

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