Top Swimming Trunks Of The Season

If you have been glued to the 2016 Olympics since the games kicked off last Friday (August 5th), you would have probably seen some of the impressive swimming and diving competitions.

As Brits Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow took home the bronze medal in the men’s synchronized ten-metre platform earlier in the week, many viewers weren’t just captivated by their well-rehearsed dive, but were also wondering whether the fashion for super-tight swimming trunks would be a trend that might catch on this season.

Europeans have long favoured Speedo-type trunks over board shorts and they definitely have an aerodynamic advantage to them if you’re a professional swimmer or diver. However, not many guys are brave enough to don a pair of these tight pants when enjoying a relaxing sunshine break.

Instead, this season is still all about shorts, although you might be surprised to see that they’re slightly shorter than typical surfer shorts, so you will end up showing a little more leg than you’re used to.

You should also be brave with your choice of pattern, with brightly coloured prints being a huge trend this season, whether that’s huge flowers, ice-creams, boats, watermelons or pineapples. You won’t be alone on the beach with your humorous shorts, so no need to be modest!

Or, you could opt for a muted print if you’re more comfortable with that, choosing classic styles such as stripes or checks instead of the bolder pictures.

Block colours also work well, but go for a bright shade. Pillar-box red, cobalt blue, lime green and bubble-gum pink are all popular choices– although it’s probably unlikely you’ll see the talented Olympians jazzing up their look with these trunks in Rio this summer!

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