What To Put On Your Feet

For many guys it’s the last thing they think about, but your choice of footwear can leave you looking foolish when it counts. To help with that, here’s our guide to what summer shoes to wear and what not to wear under any circumstances.


Monochrome is key for this year’s trainer style, unless you’re ready to go all out colour assault and risk serious clashes with the rest of your wardrobe. J-Crew’s collaborations with New Balance are awash with greys or sand tones and Vans and Nike are doing likewise with dialled back versions of perennial classics. If you need a splash of colour keep it subtle and light, and preferably on your torso.


Slightly unfashionable in recent years, the espadrille is making a comeback in the form of alternative casual wear to be paired with shorts or light trousers. Their lightweight, comfortable fit allows for the heat of summer but avoids the sporting overtones of trainers. The Guardian picked its top ten of the season, and paired with the new range of urban streetwear tees and vests from Pawn Future, espadrilles would look stylish in any situation.

Sandals & flip-flops

Brave, aren’t you? Unless you’re willing to go open toe with a sophisticated leather sandal like Kurt Geiger’s Kalil, this is a look best avoided. Flip-flops are great by the pool but look fairly childish when paired with anything else, unless you’re looking for a ‘hungover on the way to get milk’ kind of chic. It goes without saying that they should never be worn with socks. Ever.

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