Why start a fashion brand?

Was wondering recently.. why start a fashion brand in a market that is already crowded, what are the reasons and where did the idea for Pawn Future Kings come from?

After the banking crash of 2008 and following the closure of my fashion store in 2011 after 18 years, I was thinking wow, we are all just Pawns in this life. There are other people pulling the strings controlling every part of our life an elite force running the planet, trying to keep us in a perpetual state of fear. That fear fuelled by wars in failed states created by corporations and governments in order to manipulate crazy laws that give away our civil liberties and in turn give them more control and power.

The idea came for a brand that makes you take a step back look at yourself and say no, I see through the bullshit, thats why we wear the slogan because it expresses that feeling.

So where did the Future Kings come from?

Future Kings is a strap line that really emphasises the word Pawn and gives it a purpose. Thinking further..I realised that the pawn on a chess board was a very interesting piece. It had the power through the skill,strategy and potential of the player to become the most powerful piece on the board and to change the game! 

Why can’t this be applied to life?

Life is a bit like a game of chess you have to keep making tough decisions to move forward and sometimes change your strategy in order to survive.

Make your move

As a bonus I also found out that the word Pawn comes from a latin word Patinum which means clothing or cloth.

My personal story

My fashion store was set up in 1993 selling street wear fashion and vinyl records. We put on club nights and brought in old school hip hop artists like Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaata and Grandmaster Flash. Went to international trade shows and met amazing people like Russell Simmons and Reverend Run from Run DMC and many other great people.

Also being a DJ spinning your favourite tunes at the best parties.

I think the question is why wouldn’t you want to start urban clothing brands?




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