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Windsurfing is a sport that was huge during the 80’s and in the last few years has been a bit over shadowed by kitesurfing. But it is back with a bang! Young people are starting to gravitate back to the sport which is great to see. The reason I think is the power and ferocity of wave sailing which takes the sport to new heights and puts it firmly in the range of extreme boardsports.

Pawn Future Kings urban clothing stores recently went under cover with seriously radical wave rider Corky Kirkham. Originally from Newcastle UK, Corky now lives the dream out in Fuerteventura doing what he loves, which is riding waves and pulling off some of the sickest jumps and radical moves possible.

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We are massive lovers of watersports here at PFK so we hooked up with Corky at his bar in Correlejo to chew the fat over a few beers and talk about his new business venture.

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3 times Tiree champion he’s trying to gain exposure through doing events around the globe. He tells us about his business plan to put on safari events which will include taking people to secret locations around the North Shore of Fuerteventura in search of the best waves. The safari will include advanced tutoring, transport and accommodation whilst on the island, and will obviously include the Corky party experience.!

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