Game of thrones promo board

Game Of Thrones Music Tour Is Happening!

So we’re here to report on the most exciting news to ever come out – a music tour of Game of Thrones is about to embark on a tour of the US, promising to bring the Seven Kingdoms to audiences everywhere. Could there be anything better than that? The 28-day tour of North America will feature […]

Apple music on android phone

Have You Tried iOS 10’s New Music App Yet?

The Apple Music streaming app for Android has finally come out of beta, so you can all pick it up from the Google Play Store right now. But what does it come with and is it worth your time? Since it launched in June last year, the app has achieved over 15 million paying subscribers, […]

Netflix on Laptop

4 Of The Best Music Documentaries On Netflix

Got a spare day this weekend? Then may we suggest that you pull your scruffs on, order a pizza and bunker down with your other half for a day or two, binge watching some of the amazing music documentaries that are now available on Netflix. Here’s the four that we’ll be watching this weekend. David Bowie: Five […]

mens streetwear clothing fashion model

Men’s Fashion: Pink Is The New Black

Black is as much a popular choice when it comes to men’s streetwear clothing as it is for female fashion. But now guys who want to maintain their style credentials should be swapping their black T-shirts and shorts for something a little brighter – pink. At recent catwalks for Men’s Fashion, pink in all different […]

Fans at an open-air live festival

4 Overseas Music Festivals To Go To In 2016

Looking for somewhere to rock your urban streetwear clothing this year? Then it’s got to be at a festival somewhere other than the UK. If you’ve done Glastonbury, Leeds and Wireless, then stuff your passport in your back pocket and look further afield for festival inspiration. Here are four ideas. Sziget Festival Taking place between […]

Headphones On Laptop

Music Tastes Are ‘Cultural In Origin’

If people constantly question your taste in music, blame your parents. New research from MIT and Brandeis University has just revealed that musical preferences are actually cultural in origin rather than somehow hardwired into the brain. The study looked into over 100 people who belonged to a remote Amazonian tribe (with therefore little to no exposure […]

Concert goers with hands in the air.

Most Popular Band T-shirts Revealed

Music fans have long used urban clothing to express their tastes and tell the world what their favourite bands are. And as some groups have stood the test of time, some T-shirts have remained as popular now as they were two or three decades ago. So, for fashion enthusiasts who are keen to stay in […]

snoop dogg in urban streetwear

Rap’s Most Stylish Men

Do you remember the time when being a rapper was less about urban streetwear and more about oversized bling and weird hats? To be fair, it wasn’t that long ago, but in recent years, a new wave of young, exciting rappers (along with some veterans) have spearheaded the new rap aesthetic. Decked in fresh, designer […]

chicago house music in a record shop

House Music

We’re into our music here at Pawn Future Kings more specifically soul music. When I say soul music I’m not just talking about the genre of soul I’m talking about music with soul, music that moves the soul in a spiritual way. Right now time is being spent growing pawn future kings but that doesn’t stop […]