Christ redeemer overlooking Rio

Danger At The Olympics! The Worst Accidents So Far

There’s been a lot of talk about health and safety at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio thus far (apparently, if athletes drink just three teaspoons of water at certain venues, they’re almost sure to come down with a virus that could cause respiratory or stomach illnesses!). And it certainly seems as if there’s something […]

Urban parkour silhouette

Pokemon Go And Parkour: In Video!

Heard of Pokemon Go? Of course you have. Well, if you’re a fan of the augmented reality game (or even if you’re not, really), then you’re going to get a serious kick out of this latest YouTube video from Devin Super Tramp who devotes his time to making video game parkour videos, this time cashing […]

California skatepark black and white

Have You Seen Lords Of Dogtown?

If you’re into your skateboarding, there’s one movie and one movie alone you have to add to your must-watch list right now and that’s Lords of Dogtown, a fictionalised account of the group of amazing young skateboarders who grew up on the streets of Dogtown in Santa Monica, California. Known as the Z-Boys, they honed their craft […]

Surfing a huge swell in Hawaii

In Video: Hydrofoil Surfing

The next big thing for anyone who loves hanging ten is hydrofoil surfing, using a surfboard that comes equipped with a hydrofoil that hangs below the board and into the water. This means that your surf board can leave the water’s surface at different speeds – and the best bit is that because of reduced […]

James Taylor england cricketer wearing pawn t-shirt

James Taylor Cricket

The Pawn Future Kings team recently caught up with England and Nottingham cricketer James Taylor. James has been one of the outstanding players for England during 2015, one of the stand out moments was his century against Australia at Old Trafford. We are expecting big things from James in the future and we are really stoked to have him on board […]

castle rugby player jake webster wearing pawn future kings move sweatshirt

Jake Webster Rugby League

Here at Pawn Future Kings we’re really into our Rugby (the brand was originally conceived with rugby in mind) both codes Union and League. Obviously being based in the North of England rugby league is the game of choice, however having played both codes at a reasonably high level its difficult to choose which I […]

windsurfing big waves fuerteventura


Windsurfing is a sport that was huge during the 80’s and in the last few years has been a bit over shadowed by kitesurfing. But it is back with a bang! Young people are starting to gravitate back to the sport which is great to see. The reason I think is the power and ferocity of […]

pawn future kings and rugby union player luther burrell wearing the raglan mesh runner

Luther Burrell England Rugby

Earlier this year the Pawn Future King’s team went across to Manchester to visit England rugby International rugby union player Luther Burrell. Luther is one of England’s best centres and is an up and coming star in the game.  He is into his fashion and urban streetwear and loved our product.  We also shared a lot of the […]