Game of thrones promo board

Game Of Thrones Music Tour Is Happening!

So we’re here to report on the most exciting news to ever come out – a music tour of Game of Thrones is about to embark on a tour of the US, promising to bring the Seven Kingdoms to audiences everywhere. Could there be anything better than that? The 28-day tour of North America will feature […]

Raining on umbrella in summer

Get The Rain Macs Out!

Have you been enjoying all this lovely warm weather? Well, too bad because it looks like the great British summer is coming to a really rather premature end. Soz. Apparently, we can all expect the sun to disappear and chilly temperatures and storms to come in its place as of August, which is pretty disappointing really since […]

Concert goers with hands in the air.

Most Popular Band T-shirts Revealed

Music fans have long used urban clothing to express their tastes and tell the world what their favourite bands are. And as some groups have stood the test of time, some T-shirts have remained as popular now as they were two or three decades ago. So, for fashion enthusiasts who are keen to stay in […]

Surfing a huge swell in Hawaii

In Video: Hydrofoil Surfing

The next big thing for anyone who loves hanging ten is hydrofoil surfing, using a surfboard that comes equipped with a hydrofoil that hangs below the board and into the water. This means that your surf board can leave the water’s surface at different speeds – and the best bit is that because of reduced […]

urban clothing in paris

Style Trends From Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Guys who try their best to keep up with the latest urban clothing trends will have taken an interest in last week’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. If you didn’t manage to catch the shows, here are some highlights, giving guys a hint as to what they’ll be wearing this time next year. Streetwear […]

urban clothing

Highlights From Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week

Milan has long been one of the fashion centres of the world, so when it hosted its Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, all eyes were on the Italian city to see what urban clothing trends guys will be wearing next year. Utility The utility trend will be popular with streetwear fans, with sand-coloured shirts, T-shirts […]

urban clothing

Looking Cool – & Staying That Way – This Summer

We keep hearing in the news that there’s a heatwave on the way, with temperatures expected to consistently reach 30 degrees C. So how can you carry on looking as good as you always do in your urban clothing when the mercury starts soaring? Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your cool. […]